Sugar Addiction Elimination

By Phone or In-Person!

This health and wellness program was created to assist sugar-addicted individuals.

How would you answer the following questions?

- Do you find yourself having sugar cravings regularly?
- Are your cravings only satisfied by a sugar-filled sweet?
- Do you become irritable when your sugar craving isn't satisfied?
- Do you experience withdrawal symptoms such as headaches when trying to cut out sugar?
- Do you experience mood swings often?
- Do you use sugary sweets or other substances to give yourself an energy boost?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions and would like assistance in breaking your sugar addiction, my Sugar Addiction Elimination program may be appropriate for you.

After reviewing your health history, lifestyle and eating habits, I will tailor the program according to your health needs.

In this sugar addiction program you will:

Learn how sugar affects the body and brain
Gain insight into eliminating your sugar cravings
Learn how to substitute healthier sweeteners (not typical sugar substitutes!)
Receive healthy recipes
Discover how to read an ingredient label and learn all the places sugar hides
Learn what foods and beverages are better substitutes for your current sugar-filled choices
Learn of supplements to aid you during the transition
Discuss lifestyle adjustments to help the transition to a new sugar-free you!

NOTE: This sugar addiction program is not suitable for diabetics. If according to your physician you are diabetic I am happy to offer a tailored health and wellness program with this is mind.

Estimated Program Length: 3.5 hours*


*The charge for the above Sugar Addiction Elimination program is hourly since each individual's needs are different, and therefore time requirements vary. I've placed an estimated length of time below each description to assist you in the average length of time the program was designed to take. If the program runs over you will be charged accordingly.

Top 10 Reasons to Stop Sugar Addictions

We've all heard we should limit our sugar intake and know sugar is bad for our teeth, weight and can make us hyperactive, but did you also know the following reasons why your sugar addiction should be stopped?

#1. Sugar draws vitamins and minerals out of the body.
#2. When eating sugar our immune system can be supressed for up to 6 hours
#3. Sugar causes blood vessels to temporarily lose their elasticity, which over time increases heart disease risk.
#4. A high-sugar diet along with a diet full of unhealthy fats makes toxins stay in the bloodstream longer.
#5. In a study of 96,000 women aged 27 to 44 sugar was linked to a higher risk of kidney stones. Source: Arch. Internal Med. 164: 885, 2004
#6. Sugar is beauty's enemy. After they have been chemically altered, the sugars, fructose and glucose, in high-fructose corn syrup adhere to collagen-the protein that keeps skin elastic-making it stiff and inflexible resulting in wrinkles.
#7. Refined sugars decrease good HDL cholesterol and raise triglycerides. These findings are confirmed by studies conducted at Harvard in more than 80,000 women.
#8. Sugar is very acid forming and excess can disrupt the body's acid alkaline balance.
#9. A major European study of 64,500 Swedish people linked raised blood sugar with cancer of the pancreas, skin, womb, and urinary tract in women. The study was carried out by the University of Umea and also linked high blood sugar to breast cancer in women under the age of 49 years.
#10. Excessive sugar increases inflammation-triggered facial edema and worsens dark under-eye circles.

The good thing is these sugar-associated problems can oftentimes be reversed. With that in mind, it is my pleasure to help you become happier and healthier without sugar!


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