Smoker's Lung and Body Support

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If you've decided to quit smoking my sincerest congratulations to you! You are on the way to a healthier life. Results from a Harvard research study showed that those who smoke 1-14 cigarettes a day have a 94% higher risk of early death and you can congratulate yourself in taking this statistic seriously enough to move towards a healthy, smoke-free future!

The Smokers Lungs & Body Support program is designed to educate you on how to get your body, particularly your respiratory and immune systems back into tiptop shape. It will assist you in your efforts to quit smoking, help you to combat nicotine cravings and teach you how to supply the body with the nutrition it needs.

The Smoker's Lungs & Body Support program is also an excellent tool in helping counteract the effects of secondhand smoke, for those who live with a smoker or those who are regularly around secondhand smoke.

In this Smokers Lungs & Body Support program we will:

Discuss your health history and smoke free goals
Discuss the affects smoking has on your health
Learn how to replenish the vital nutrients and antioxidants lost with each smoke
Discuss how to support the respiratory and cardiovascular systems
Learn how to incorporate cancer-fighting foods into your diet
Discuss what triggers cause you to smoke and how to avoid them
Learn how to develop healthy smoke-free habits
Discuss concerns you have such as weight gain and cravings
Learn what supplements and herbs can help you quit smoking, and more!

I will be your motivation during this specially designed smoker's program and will do my best to help you succeed in your efforts to quit smoking, replenish lost nutrition and live a healthy, smoke free life!

It's never too late to benefit from quitting! Simply by quitting smoking, you'll experience immediate and long-term health benefits:

* Within eight hours of quitting the oxygen levels in your blood will return to normal.
* By the end of day two, you'll notice an improvement in your senses of taste and smell.
* Within one month immunity increases and natural killer cell activity and antibody levels rise.
* In three months you'll breathe more easily, and your circulation will improve.
* Within nine months, smoking-related coughing and congestion eases, and you'll have more energy.
* After one year, your risk of heart disease will be cut by 50%
*After five years your risk of lung cancer decreases by 50%.

Top Ten Reasons to Quit Smoking

We've all heard how bad smoking is for health and that if you smoke you should quit, but did you know the following reasons why quitting smoking should be on your priority list?

May the following list serve to motivate rather than instill fear. The body has been amazingly created, desires to heal and is equipped to do so if treated appropriately.

#1. More people in the U.S. die from emphysema than from any other respiratory disease. If you have emphysema, take heart! You can slow its progression and significantly lower your risk of death by quitting smoking now and following natural protocols to assist the body.
#2. Nicotine has a very strong constrictive effect on blood vessels and interferes with blood circulation throughout the body; it makes blood vessels temporarily narrower, and interacts with other risk factors. If high blood pressure is present and if diet isn't favorable, there's an additive effect that greatly increases risks of heart attack and stroke.
#3. The carcinogens in tobacco collect and concentrate in the urine, and are in contact with the lining of the bladder. Smokers have up to four times the risk of developing bladder cancer as nonsmokers. Plus, smoking is believed to play a role in nearly half of the bladder cancer deaths in men and more than a third in women.
#4. Women who smoke a lot increase their risk of developing colon cancer by 82%.
#5. Smoking raises age-related macular degeneration risk 3.3 times.
#6. Smoking depletes a variety of vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, vitamins A and B complex as well as calcium and zinc.
#7. Maintaining vitamin C levels is especially important if a person smokes or is around second hand smoke often. It takes 20 milligrams of vitamin C to negate the free radical damage of just one cigarette.
#8. Smoking can lay the groundwork for periodontal disease.
#9. Scientists estimate that secondhand smoke is responsible for 3,000 lung cancer deaths each year. Reports also conclude that children of parents who smoke have more respiratory symptoms and acute lower respiratory tract infections, as well as reduced lung function.
#10. Smoking stimulates the production of stomach acid and weakens the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), leading to GERD and acid reflux.

The good thing is, as mentioned above, a lot of these smoking-related problems can oftentimes be reversed. With that in mind, it is my pleasure to help you become happier and healthier by overcoming your nicotine addiction and increasing your health and wellness!

Estimated Smoker's Lungs & Body Support Program Length: 6 hours*


*The charge for the above Smoker's Lungs & Body Support program is hourly since each individual's needs are different, and therefore time requirements vary. I've placed an estimated length of time below each description to assist you in the average length of time the program was designed to take. If the program runs over you will be charged accordingly.


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