Healthy Weight Loss & Management


By Phone or In-Person!

Are you confused about all the diet advice that circulates? If you've tried multiple weight loss programs and are dissatisfied with the results this personalized, natural weight loss program is for you.

This is not a traditional weight loss program with point systems, prepackaged meals, and group counseling. This is an individualized, holistic approach with one-on-one counseling and lots of motivation!

After reviewing your health history, lifestyle and eating habits, I will tailor the program according to your health needs and weight loss goals.

In this healthy weight loss and management program we may:

Engage in personalized, one-on-one, bi-monthly, health counseling
Discuss your health history and health goals
Discover the reasons why it may be difficult for you to lose weight
Review your current eating habits and how they may be stopping you from losing weight
Discuss cravings you may have and how to eliminate them
Learn about healthy grocery shopping. We can shop together if local, or discuss tips on healthy grocery shopping by phone.
Decipher food manufacturer's advertising claims and whether or not you can trust them
Learn how to become an ingredient label detective
Discover what food additives to avoid and how they may be stopping your weight loss efforts
Learn how to make healthier choices when on the go, at a restaurant, party or special event
Learn portion sizes and easy tips to remember them
Receive tasty, healthy recipes and ideas for healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks
Learn healthy cooking modifications and suggestions
Discuss fitness and movement tailored to what you enjoy (there are lots of fun ways to move the body and lose weight not just at the gym!)
Discover supplements to help your body satisfy optimal nutrition while transitioning to a new healthy you and more!

Since a well-functioning metabolism is supported by regular, good nutrition, this weight loss program will help you understand nutrition for weight loss and will help you implement healthy nutrition into your daily diet in addition to addressing healthy living in general.

In addition to being your teacher, health & wellness counselor and guide, I will be your motivation during this weight loss process and am committed to helping you lose weight as best as I can, in the most natural and holistic way as possible!

Estimated Healthy Weight Loss and Management Program Length: 12 hours*


*The charge for the above Health Weight Loss and Management program is hourly since each individual's needs are different, and therefore time requirements vary. I've placed an estimated length of time below each description to assist you in the average length of time the program was designed to take. If the program runs over you will be charged accordingly.

Top 10 Reasons for Healthy Weight Loss

We all know that carrying extra weight increases the risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and other forms of illness so I don't find it necessary to expound upon this information here. But what you may not know is that losing weight naturally and maintaining a healthy weight can help the body in many seemingly unrelated ways.

Reasons for Healthy Weight Loss include:

#1: To boost energy levels
#2: To sleep more soundly
#3: Reduce backaches
#4: Lessen your risk of chronic pain
#5: Reduce dementia risk
#6: Boost your mood
#7: Lessen your risk of depression
#8: Decrease the number of headaches/migraines you may experience
#9: Reduce risk of gum disease
#10: Reduce your chances of macular degeneration
#11: Reduce your risk of developing cataracts
#12: Diminish digestive disturbances, upset stomachs and more!

The good thing is these weight-associated difficulties can oftentimes be reversed. With that in mind, it is my pleasure to assist you in your quest for healthy weight loss and management!


If by reading the above information you are would like to schedule an appointment you may do so online now or by phone: 203-389-5829 M-F 10 AM - 4 PM, EST.

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