General Health Advice & Holistic Nutrition Counseling


By Phone or In-Person!

If you are interested in holistic health services but not necessarily in one of my health and wellness programs, I am available for single appointments.

Whether you are interested in achieving general, overall health and wellness, have a singular health concern you would like to discuss or are looking for holistic nutrition counseling outside of one of the above health and wellness programs, I am happy to assist you!

Each appointment will be an hour, by phone or in-person at $65/hour.

Nutrition matters! Not only for our overall wellbeing but also our current and future health: "Our experience over the past two decades indicates that diet plays an important role when dealing with cancer [and various other diseases]. We're discovering that there are compounds in foods that can actually both prevent and help fight cancer at the cellular level." Keith Black, MD, medical director of the Cancer Institute at Edgewater Hospital, Chicago.

Let today be the day you take charge of your health!


If by reading the above information you are would like to schedule an appointment you may do so online now or by phone: 203-389-5829 M-F 10 AM - 4 PM, EST.

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I look forward to assisting you on the path to health and wellness!