Food and Mood Connection

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This health and wellness program was created to assist individuals understand the food and mood connection. By the end of this wellness program you will have a deeper appreciation for nutrition and how food affects your mood.

We all have a genetic predisposition for certain types of moods, stress tolerance and so on, but other factors can influence your mood and behavior; if you've discovered that different foods change your mood, you're not alone. How food affects your mood is determined by neurotransmitters, chemical messengers that relay thoughts and actions throughout the brain. The four main neurotransmitters for mood include: serotonin (natural antidepressant), catecholamines (natural stimulants), GABA (natural tranquilizer), and endorphins (natural pain killers, euphoriants and comforters). The food we eat breaks down in our digestive tract enters our bloodstream and creates changes in the behavior of these neurotransmitters, thus impacting our mood.

How would you answer the following questions?

- Would you describe yourself as moody, often?
- Have others consistently complained about your moodiness, irritability and/or unexplained anger?
- Do you notice mood swings that lead to food cravings?
- Are you oftentimes overly emotional leading to a desire for "comforting" foods?
- Do you experience the "winter blues?"
- Are you oftentimes jittery, anxious, and/or have difficulty sleeping?
- Do you experience "mental fog" regularly?
- Do you experience afternoon crashes leading to the consumption of caffeine or sugary foods?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions and would like assistance in understanding how food affects mood, my Food and Mood Connection program may be appropriate for you.

After reviewing your health history, lifestyle, eating habits, and food and mood journal, I will tailor the program according to your health needs.

In this food and mood connection program we will:

Discuss your health history and health goals
Review your food and beverage choices to establish a food-mood pattern
Discuss dietary changes to assist you in regulating your mood naturally via food
Learn of possible food intolerances through an elimination diet
Engage in one-on-one, bi-monthly health and nutrition counseling
Assistance with finding healthy food substitutes for current less than optimal choices
Discuss supplements that are known to assist in mood regulation and more!

Estimated Food and Mood Connection Program Length: 5 hours*


*The charge for the above program is hourly since each individual's needs are different, and therefore time requirements vary. I've placed an estimated length of time below each description to assist you in the average length of time the program was designed to take. If the program runs over you will be charged accordingly.


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