It is important to remember that those practicing holistic health methodologies are not medical doctors; therefore we urge those in which we assist to always share the holistic and herbal advice and education we provide with their physicians and other practitioners so that they may be well informed and adjust your treatment accordingly, if they deem necessary.

The information provided during appointments, contained on this website, sent by e-mail, received during a teleclass, workshop, through my newsletter or any other means is not meant to replace the advice provided by your medical doctor, naturopath, registered dietician, psychologist, psychiatrist, dentist or any other health professional. As a health and wellness counselor, nutritional consultant, holistic health practitioner and herbalist-to-be, I intend to support individuals who are interested in overall healthy lifestyle adjustments and am not here to diagnose disease, perform physical examinations, provide prescriptions, etc. as I am not a doctor, psychologist or any other health professional outside of my designated fields of specialty.

If in doubt about the contents of this website, e-mail, newsletter, teleclass, workshop, or the programs offered, please contact me immediately for clarification. I am happy to assist you and provide clarification.

If taking medication, experiencing problematic symptoms, or having an emergency, I suggest you seek the advice of a local doctor or hospital immediately.

Thank you!