About My Holistic Health Services


Lisa Phillips
Holistic Health Practitioner

Welcome! In my opinion good nutrition and a healthy state of mind are the foundations upon which physical health is built. With this in mind, holistic practitioners such as myself educate on what encompasses good health, recognizing there are many factors that contribute to, or subtract from, a well balanced life. Through my services, you will learn about nutrition, the use of herbs, methods of self-care and how to identify imbalances in the body at a root level. Through natural means and lifestyle adjustments, you'll discover that you can live a fuller, more vibrant life.

I have a thirst for knowledge and am dedicated to continuing education through a variety of means, not only through college programs and internships, but also through conferences, seminars, workshops, and weekly research evaluation. It is my desire to offer the most respected, science-based, and time-tested alternative health, nutrition and herbal education and recommendations possible, within the scope of practice set forth by the state of Connecticut.

"Lisa, I just want to tell you that I have really been enjoying the suggestions you gave me and have gotten better at recognizing faulty thinking and emotional triggers for my inappropriate "hunger." The recommendations on how to combat my chocolate cravings worked (amazing!) Overall, I feel better, have gotten better at identifying stress and associated reactions, and I feel more balanced. I also have a healthier comfort level with allowing myself to have healthy fats, and it works! I have less bad carb cravings and a much easier time avoiding bad carbs/sugar. You are amazing at what you do and a great source of inspiration. God works through you in such a wonderful way! I hope many others benefit from your knowledge and care. Take care and God bless."

Alicia H., DVM
New York City

My holistic practice is based on the following ten principles:

1. To maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct
2. To not exceed my scope of practice, either in abilities or by law
3. To recognize the healing power of God
4. To remain current through continuing education opportunities
5. To recognize the body's innate ability to restore itself
6. Assist in identifying the root cause of poor health
7. To gently guide and educate
8. Be an encouragement
9. Be an example
10. Recognize health as more than the absence of illness

Nutrition consultants, holistic health practitioners & herbalists may educate in the following areas, via holistic measures:

* Nutrition
* Herbs
* Homeopathy
* Essential Oils/Aromatherapy
* Hydrotherapy
* Stress-management techniques
* Acupressure
* among other holistic health modalities.

Over time, if our lifestyle habits are less than optimal our body's systems can become sluggish and, in extreme circumstances, may shut down. This can lead to a host of imbalances, deficiencies, and if left without correcting, disease. As a holistic nutrition consultant, a holistic health practitioner and herbalist-to-be, I am dedicated to assisting you create balance within the body, assisting you in customizing lifestyle adjustments and dietary changes specific to your individualized health needs.

Holistic health practitioners and herbalists oftentimes work in concert with naturopaths, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, osteopaths, chiropractors, doctors of integrative medicine, massage therapists, yoga and fitness instructors, mental health counselors, among other healthcare providers.

"Lisa, I really would like to thank you for helping me gain balance in my life that I didn't even realize I was missing! I just want you to know how much I appreciate you. Initially, my goal in working with you was to lose weight and become more familiar with organic foods, but I learned so much more than that from you! I practically did a complete 180 and could not be happier for it and an thankful for the one-on-one appointments, all the health and nutrition handouts, your fantastic, healthy recipes and the trip together to the health food store. I learned so much in that 1.5 hours of shopping together. Everything you were interpreting about my lifestyle was so correct, it really just took a few changes and a little willpower and I am now reaping the benefits. Thank you for helping me see what positive changes I needed to make in my life. I feel so much better than I ever did and have a lot more energy, focus, and just overall a significantly better outlook and quality of life. I can't thank you enough!"

Christina A.
Guilford, CT

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If by reading the above information you are certain you would like one of my holistic health and nutrition programs, schedule an appointment online now or by phone: 203-389-5829. Office hours are M-F10 AM - 4 PM, EST. I am happy to answer any questions you may have!

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