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Welcome to Joyfully Healthy, LLC!

Joyfully Healthy is a wellness office dedicated to holistic health and nutrition counseling. Based in Connecticut, my services are availble nationwide, by phone.

The goal of the holistic practitioner is to help their clients achieve balance physically, mentally and emotionally. Our educational services are based on the belief that to achieve health in one part of the body, all three components must be acknowledged. With this focus, healthy living then becomes more of a reality.

The main component of my health and wellness programs involves education since education is key to making well-informed decisions.

Holistic Health Services Offered: (by phone or in-person)

* Holistic nutrition counseling
* Holistic health practitioner appointments
* Wellness programs (including stress reduction)
* Health food store tours
* Seminars, workshops & health fairs
* Herbalist consultations (TBA)

If one of the following categories is of interest to you, you may benefit by my services.

• Weight loss & management
• Healthy foods including healthy cooking & baking
• Colds & viruses
• Digestive wellness
• Healthy skin
• Food and/or environmental sensitivities
• Fatigue / energy levels / stress reduction
• Headaches
• General immunity
• Heart & lung health
• Herbalism / herbal remedies
• Pregnancy wellness
• Green living (for non-toxic food, personal care & home)
• General healthy living & more!

"Thank you so much for helping us discover that our daughter’s unexplained suffering, especially her eczema patches and behavioral problems, was from eating the wrong kinds of food. With your assistance, you helped, not only my family, but also our doctors realize that my daughter definitely has food allergies. We wouldn’t have found the dairy/soy allergy and gluten intolerance in our child without the education you provided. It has helped transform our lives. If you had not coached me through this difficult journey and insisted I request a second opinion I would have given up. We also thank you for all your help with the food recommendations because we now must eat so differently. It would have been overwhelming without you.”
– Liz M. Amesbury, MA

If you are dedicated to learning more about healthy living and are certain you would like one of my holistic health and wellness programs or holistic nutrition counseling, schedule an appointment online or by phone: 203-389-5829. Office hours are M-F 10 AM - 4PM, EST.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to helping you achieve holistic health knowledge that can improve the way you live and experience life!